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We love it

A life saver for me with my 7 week bub! Started using it when bub was 2 weeks because she didn’t seem to settle in my other carriers, but she loves being curled up in this one! She doesn’t like being put down so this is literally the only way we get anything done. Video’s were really useful to get started. Only downside is I don’t think it is the most supportive carrier for my back so as she gets heavier I am hoping to move to a more supportive one when out and about for longer periods, but it was still worth every penny!

Tara Leonard
The best!!

I live in hot QLD and was worried how hot the babe and I would be! No need to worry at all!
She loves being held and my sling means now we can be together and I can use my hands aswell or let’s be honest, I can keep cuddling her without my arms getting exhausted haha

Love it!

Maria B.
Love it ❤️

Had a carrier wrap before and I do like it but the sling is just so much better.
Set up is faster which means I’m using it a lot more 👌the linen feels nice and I do like the personalised optical. Highly recommend.

Nicky Wilson
My Favourite ring sling

I own 4 different brands of ring sling, and Mumma Etc is by far my favourite. The colour, the material, and the rings together make the most comfortable and user-friendly ring sling. I highly recommend Mumma Etc ring slings.

Ella S
Beautiful sling

I'm so happy with the beautiful sling. The colour is gorgeous, it's very easy to use for a sleep-deprived mum, and the fabric and construction is of the highest quality. I cannot recommend enough!