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Angela C.
Love my little kangaroo pouch!

My newborn lives in this sling all day, and loves it. It's super easy to use, light, comfortable and I feel secure. I prefer this over our more structured carrier as I'm able to free up my right hand and do things like feed myself. Bonus points for being super stylish. I wear my baby like a fashion statement.

Stacey Hunichen
Double sling

Love love love, very easy to use, easy to take in our bag for all the times you need to two hands.

Fleetwood and Priya Double

I wish I got one sooner! I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE these slings. They have been sooo great to have in the diaper bag and have been a life saver. My baby doesn’t usually sleep in carriers but he falls asleep in the sling! There was a small hiccup with my original order but was resolved so fast (thank you Lauren!) The material is beautiful and super supportive. My 5 and a half month old is 9kg and the sling holds him very well and I’m super comfortable.

Dhipa Gunasekaran
Russet double sling

This sling has been a lifesaver. Between having to breastfeed my son constantly, putting him to sleep and also attending to my 3 year old daughter, it would not have been possible without this sling. I'm quite petite, and my sonweighs close to 5 kg at 6 weeks. I'm glad I got the double, definitely provides great support. It was too tight on my shoulder at first, but amazing how one wash soften the linen, and now it's more comfortable. Not to mention, he's really comfortable being in the sling in this summer heat, and he tends to feel very hot in general. Thank you to Mumma etc for creating such a great product for us busy mums. Love, love love my sling.

Sam Watson
Amazing sling

Our little one loves being in the sling, either on the hip or back, and it makes our life so much easier when we need to get things done around the house! Thank you!