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Love it!

Beautiful fabric and fantastic quality! I used to have a standard wrap, which I found so tedious to put on. It was never tight enough, baby always drooped down, and putting her into it was so hard! The Mumma Etc. Baby carrier is soooo much quicker and easier to put on, and newborn bub stays in the safest position the whole time and never droops down. It’s super comfy and secure. I feel comfortable going hands-free with it, and it looks great too!

Bondi Sling
Byron Latimer
My favourite item

Love my sling, best purchase I have made. Bub loves being in the sling and makes comfort naps easier!

Willow Sling
Monique G.
Easy to use

Once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to use. Great for being out and about as it packs down small.

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Melissa Hillman

Wrap Carrier - Bondi

The comfy benefits of a wrap carrier with the convince of a structured one.

Life saver!! Easy to use, comfortable, and looks great too!
I really struggled to find a good, easy-to-use carrier.
I found my more structured carrier would position my newborn uncomfortably for the first few months as he was quite petite. Going on short walks was fine, but I also found it uncomfortable to wear around the house while doing chores for longer periods. Too bulky! This was a problem because we had a stage 5 clinger for a few months there and needed it throughout our day. I then purchased a wrap but found it to be a little difficult to put on properly, especially without the help of another person. I did however like how it was much more comfortable and I could BF on the go. Needless to say, I was really happy when I discovered the Bondi wrap carrier and noticed it had the structure of a more secure carrier at the front so bubs is safe and snug but it's also comfortable and easily adjustable like the wrap. Definitely recommend.

Lovely, leakproof nappies

These are fabulous nappies. We struggled with leaks with anything other than fitteds with covers, and these have performed as well as our BBH fitted nappies have, which I find very impressive.
They are on the petite side, which was amazing for my boy and his skinny legs and they still fitted him easily right up until toilet training at 2.5.
Little miss is in them now and we have them let all the way out, so we'll see how she goes with get little chonky legs.
They have stood up well to our regular 60 degree hot washing, and dry about as slowly as our fitteds do, which is pretty good for an AIO.
They're a really lovely nappy and I'll be getting some for friends as baby shower gifts. Would definitely recommend.

Best carrier I’ve found!

I have tried lots of different styles of carrier as my back gets really sore from most. I was looking for something that distributes weight evenly, isn’t too tight around my waist and is soft and comfy and the Mumma Etc carrier is all of this as well as being beautiful! So happy I found this carrier - we use it daily!

Worth it

This carrier is so worth it. Beautiful minimalist colour and style, and so comfy to wear. Not me thinking I need another one in another colour!

Love! Love! Love!

This carrier is fantastic! I would 100% recommend it for anyone who doesn't want the bulky type.
It's breathable and is super comfy.
It's light enough that I can wear a jacket or cardigan over it and it not sit funny.

It took one video to learn how to use it and then one quick rewatch the next day to double check I was doing it right. So easy to use!
I have 2 other brands of carriers and this has been the best. Even from newborn stage 😊

Baylen Sling
Emma Murray
Simply beautiful

I really enjoy the ease and simplicity of this wrap. Once bub is settled in his seat it frees up my hands for other things. The quality of the fabric is so well made and is a lovely linen. I'm still learning how to breastfeed in it.. it's a lot harder than it looks!

You don’t understand, I’m OBSESSED

I LOVE this wrap carrier! Wish I had it with my first born. It’s incredibly comfortable and supports my newborn great! I love how soft the fabric is too. It seems somewhat intimidating at first to figure out, but the tutorials were super helpful and I got the hang of it in no time. I would HIGHLY suggest this carrier to anyone who is considering! It’s worth every penny!

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Omar Villasenor

Love it! Baby loves it too❤️


Absolutely worth the purchase. Super comfortable, easy to wear/adjust and looks great! I’ve tried many baby carriers and this by far is a winner in my eyes.

Literal life saver!

My little one went through a pretty harsh purple crying/ witching hour phase and would not sleep unless she was held. This carrier gave my arms a much needed break whilst also being light weight and matching all my outfits. The material is very durable, high quality and feels very secure, my baby falls asleep in minutes. Definitely will be recommending this to any new mums I meet. Not to mention amazing customer service when I wanted to exchange colours too! Such a lovely brand 💕

Wrap carrier plus size mum

I had been looking at this carrier my entire pregnancy but was hesitant being plus size. I’m around 135kg and wear a 26 in non stretch clothes down to a 22 depending on the fabric and style. I ordered the 14+ size after speaking with Lauren (the best customer service!) and am pleased to say the carrier fits really well! It’s much more secure than the stretch fabric wrap carrier that I have been using. It supports bubs head really well and is really comfortable for me to wear. It’s much easier to wrap and light weight. Absolutely worth every dollar!

Amazing carrier

The carrier looks amazing, light and robust. Almost at my due date and looking forward to use it with my baby:)

Imperfect Sling | Lucky Dip
Kim B
Great carrier

I got this carrier on a whim and I love that whim!
It is so easy to put baby in when you’re doing a quick dash around shops. Saves taking out the pram and lugging it around. Baby is super comfortable in it as well.

Imperfect Sling | Lucky Dip
Love it more each time

The quality is excellent. Every time I use it it softens up a little more, becoming more comfortable. As is, it’s great. But I love it more each time I use it

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Elisha Harris
Wrap carrier

Love my carrier, my baby is 10.5kg and 9 months old and fits in it well, my only regret is not having it from the beginning

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Yolanda Calabro

PRE-ORDER Wrap Carrier - Bondi

Wrap Carrier - Russet
Celina Siriyos

I already had a ring sling and a structured carrier so hesitated on buying another carrier, especially at this price point, but it’s been 100% worth it. This is a great halfway point between the other carriers (more supportive than a ring sling and less bulky than an Ergo) and so gets far more use. It’s also easy to slip my daughter into and she will usually fall asleep in it 🏆 The only potentially ‘tricky’ thing might be putting it on outdoors without a bench/clean surface to drape the straps over for a moment, but I’ve managed fine so far. This carrier is amazing and if I had to I would buy it again ❤️ I can’t wait until my girl is old enough to back carry!

Wrap Carrier - Russet
Allison Bedford
Wrap Carrier Russet

Absolutely love it. The fabric is lovely and it is so comfortable to wear

Bondi Sling
frances cowan
Soo good

Love the fabric and the colour is amazing. Had so many compliments on this new addiction to my wrap collection. I'm finding this one the most reached for wrap and the ring sling is super fast and easy to pop in and out of especially when on a 2 hourly feeding schedule and have a toddler to chase after. Its perfect.

Imperfect Sling | Lucky Dip
Sandra Entwistle
Lovely quality

Was really impressed with my “imperfect” sling. I couldn’t even tell what the imperfection was. When I compared the colour to the website it looks like it is a lighter green but I love it! Can’t wait to use it when my baby arrives.

Wrap Carrier - Russet
Kristiina Kütt

PRE-ORDER Wrap Carrier - Russet