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Most Useful Baby Item

We don't go a day without it; at home, running errands, walks, cooking etc always easier with this amazing baby carrier 🙏🏽❤ Thank you!

Cora Sling
The carrier that works

My newborn hated all baby carriers until we got the Mumma ring sling which she loves ! I can pack it up easily and take it everywhere in case she gets fussy when we’re out (or at home) And then I always have a solution ! I can. Also sling her at home when she’s having a fussy day so I can still move around the house.

Bubba sleeps

My little girl loves the sling. She can sleep in it quite easily when we’re out and about. Easy to put her into it.
The only downside is, in summer the material gets quite hot inside. So maybe another summer option with a lighter weight material would be perfect. Other than that, highly recommended :)

Perfect sling

So glad I made this purchase, my little koala bear loves to just be held sometimes which can make it tricky when you have so many other tasks to get done and this is just perfect to get them all done and keep baby happy and close to you

Lovely product, quality is great and can't wait to use it when Bub arrives.

I didn't love the colour I had chosen for my sling, originally Bondi with the rose gold (Looked a little too pink for my liking), but the Mumma Etc staff were happy to exchange it for me no worries at all and very speedy in communication and to send it off once I had returned. I got a Fleetwood black sling instead, obsolutley love it, the quality looks great and can't wait till Bub arrives to test it out.

Makes me feel pretty when I’m knee deep in nappies

Such a pretty way to wear my second girl whilst I run after my first. Took a little fiddling to get the positioning perfect, but we have it down now. Love how small it can fold up to stash in the baby bag, as well.

Bondi sling

I gifted the Bondi sling to a friend who’s expecting her first baby.
I have the Reuben sling and love it so thought she may love one too!

A life save for 2 under 2!

I purchased my sling to help me get around with my newborn and 1 year old and it has been the best thing I’ve every purchased!! I love not having to lug the pram out of the boot when going to the shops or quickly running in to grab milk. I just chuck my newborn in the sling and my 1 year old in the trolly and off we go! I’ve recommended them to all my mum friends and am considering purchasing another one as a spare. Highly recommend, easy to use and super comfortable!!

Mumma etc sling

Absolutely LOVE it, my 6month old loves it too.

Bondi sling

I love this sling, the style of it is wonderful and I am constantly being complemented by others whilst wearing it 10/10

Incredible quality & really beautiful

I have yet to use it, baby due this week, but I’ve tried it on and love it .... the material and quality is just divine. One of my most favourite baby purchases so far.


It's beautiful to look at, beautiful to wear! I'm in love!!

Light weight and easy to use

Light weight and easy to use. Has made carrying my 6 weeks old daughter so much easier and much less crying. She falls asleep in the sling!

Ryder sling

Love my ring sling

I love my ring sling. I have baby worn all my three children but this is my first ring sling. The material is very luxurious and quickly became soft. The Fleetwood colour is beautiful, it goes with everything. I actually love it as an addition to my wardrobe! I feel great wearing it. I chose the black rings. I watched the tutorials and got the hang of threading and adjusting sling quickly. My baby is now 4 months I have been using since he was about 10 weeks. I use it several times a day around the house and on walks. He loves it and happily looks around in it now he’s older then usually falls to sleep and I find it very supportive while he is sleeping if I roll the train around like in the tutorials. He sleeps in it even with two noisy preschoolers in the house and I can get things done. LOVE!

My Favourite Carrier

I love baby wearing and this is my favourite carrier by far. It's always in my bag and so easy to throw on while on the go. It's also very comfy for me and bubs. She falls asleep instantly. Plus it looks great, I'm always getting comments. Wish I had one for my first baby!

Reuben sling

Love it!
Baby goes to sleep in the sling almost immediately, and I can still have 2 hands free for my demanding 4 & 5 yo boys!
I use this more then the pram now, it’s so much easier!

Love love love 💕

I love everything about my sling! This sling keeps my normally unsettled bub so calm and comfortable.. My baby is six months old and I bought it one month ago so my only regret is not buying it sooner.. thanks again!


I absolutely love the sling. It’s great for hot humid climates and super easy to pop on the nappy bag for when needed.

Easy as!

I love my sling! It’s so easy to set up and put Bub in. I keep mine in the car and use it to pop in and out of shops. He loves it!

Beautiful sling

Amazing colour and quality. The customer service was outstanding also as I was worried my plus sized body may not fit the standard sling however it did. Will be buying more once the little one arrives in May.

Beautiful and practical

I’m very happy with the priya sling. As a first timer with slings I should have probably bought a single sling to begin with as the thicker fabric made it a little harder to work with initially but once I got the hang of it was so worth it. Great for breastfeeding too. Now I’ve just got to hold myself back from buying another!


This is the best baby carrier I have ever had, my little boy absolutely loves it and always goes to sleep once I put him in it

So lovely!

Wasn't sure whether I and the baby would be comfortable with a sling carrier but after watching Mumma etc videos I wanted to have a go and indeed, it was soo easy to use and baby falls asleep so easily once in a sling! As a bonus, it looks and feels so nice!!! Thank you!!

Super Comfy

My sling arrived so quickly and it looks and feels beautiful I can’t wait to try it out when my baby arrives x