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Love My Ryder Sling!

I am loving my sling! The fabric is beautiful and it’s so easy to use. I love how close and connected I feel with my little guy when I’m using it. He loves it too.

Russet Sling
Nicole O
Worth every cent

This sling is awesome and the videos on how to set up are definitely worth the watch. My little one is 5 month old and she loves it, we wear it to the shops to keep her nice and close in these times. And she will always fall asleep. Would definitely recommend.

Beautiful Gift

This beautiful sling made a great gift for a new mum.

Priya Double Sling
Monja Milinkovic
Beautiful sling

I am in love with my Priya sling. I used many slings with my son so I am not a first time user. I have many diffrent brands even the ones that are way more expensive. I really only got this one becouse it looked beautiful and I wanted something more girly now that I have a girl. I was so impressed and I have to say down right the best sling. My shoulder doesn't hurt like with others and I find she is more supported. I can hold her and do things around the house. She loves it too and makes her more calm when she has wind. Happy baby, happy mama!

Misty Baby Hat
Megan G.

Really sweet hat, love that you can tie it on and it looks super cute. Fitted my 5 month old perfectly too

Fleetwood Sling
Stacey Cameron
Beautiful Product

Beautiful material- amazing customer service.

Ryder Sling
Melissa Wilson
Arm freedom!

With a 14 month old constantly wanting to be held I was getting nothing done. This sling is amazing. Beautifully made and so easy to use. She loves it. I love it. I wish I had of brought it when she was a newborn. Lucky I have it now for our next one! Thank you!

High quality product

I recently received my willow double sling and was blown away by the quality of the sling. The linen is beautiful, well crafted and the sling itself is sturdy and comfortable to wear for long periods. Well worth the spend.

Ryder Sling
Rebecca Slack
Great baby essential

Love it. So easy to just pop bub in & he also loves it. Great for mums who have had caesarean’s as no fabric rubbing on wound. Pleased I’m able to hold bub close and able to spend time with my toddler too. Small enough to carry in car or baby bag/pram.

Baylen Sling
Sam Gray
Beautiful Ring Sling and Hat

Love your ring sling I bought the matching baby hat.
Good quality pieces I can keep for our next baby.
Small enough I can leave it in the Car or Baby Bag and I can whip it out if I am going to the shops.
10/10 for the Ring Sling
10/10 for the Baby Hat

Russet Sling
Rosanne Bennett
Best gift I have ever given.

Bought the russet sling for my friend for the arrival of her first born, unsure if she would use it (I don’t have any children but I saw someone wearing this sling and how nice the colour and material was.) Turns out, she LOVES it and so does babe. He instantly falls asleep in it every time and I receive daily pictures of nap time. Best gift I have ever bought.

Willow Sling
Love love love!

Absolutely love my willow sling! The best baby purchase I have made and could not live without it. I have 2 friends expecting later this year and I will be gifting to both of them for sure! Baby wearing has become my favourite

Russet Sling
Bri Roberts

I have two other types of carriers for baby wearing but this is by far my favorite 😍 the ease of it has been very pleasantly surprising and of course I love how snuggly it keeps bubba.

Priya Double Sling
Olivia Jones
Beautiful and practical!

I love my sling! My husband bought me this as an anniversary gift and I use it so much. If I could give it 10 stars, I would!! 💕💕💕

Bondi Sling
A. WIlliams
Love it

It's really help me when i need to do things around the house or go out shopping and baby want to be close to me all the time. He always fall asleep in the sling.

Fleetwood Sling
Katie Leeder
Wore my baby today!

I bought my Fleetwood sling early on in pregnancy with plenty of time to watch the clips on how to use.. now our Bub is just 2 weeks old those clips are a perfect refresher today,As now Bub has ticked over 3.6kg I wore him in the Fleetwood and felt confident , perfect for being in crowds and Bub was very comfy .

Baylen Sling
Tin Tin Harper
Stylish Mumma

Super convenient and stylish way to take Bub out for a walk. We've received so many compliments about how effortless and stylish the sling looks. Takes a bit of practise to get on securely but once in, Bub stays and falls asleep easily.

Bondi Sling
Madalyn E.

My daughters big smile when she sees me get the sling out and put it on is priceless! She knows she's about to be cuddled up against mumma and held for hours.

The cutest!

I gave these hats as a gift to my friend and her newborn bub, and they absolutely love them :-)

When you first have a baby, you often don't think to buy them a hat (well, I didn't at least, and nor did my friend) so I think this set is a perfect gift. The quality is great and the fabric is beautifully soft for a little ones' head.

Would definitely shop here again.

Bondi Sling
Nadine Cooper
Life saver!

Wasn't sure about getting a body carrier of any type but decided to get a Mumma ETC sling to see how I would go.
OMG best thing I've done! Makes grocery shopping so easy and if you fly alot I will save your life with how convenient it is.
Best money I've spent for bub xx

Bondi Sling
Lauren Crawford

Great colour and fabric

Cora Sling
Peta Smith
Mumma wrap

Absolutely loving my wrap! It is soo comfortable and easy to adjust. I love how light the fabric is so my baby doesn’t get hot while I’m carrying her around. I think I might order another one for when my current one is in the wash! Xxx

Bondi Sling
Claudia Gaspar
Most Useful Baby Item

We don't go a day without it; at home, running errands, walks, cooking etc always easier with this amazing baby carrier 🙏🏽❤ Thank you!

Cora Sling
Rachel De Marchi
The carrier that works

My newborn hated all baby carriers until we got the Mumma ring sling which she loves ! I can pack it up easily and take it everywhere in case she gets fussy when we’re out (or at home) And then I always have a solution ! I can. Also sling her at home when she’s having a fussy day so I can still move around the house.

Bubba sleeps

My little girl loves the sling. She can sleep in it quite easily when we’re out and about. Easy to put her into it.
The only downside is, in summer the material gets quite hot inside. So maybe another summer option with a lighter weight material would be perfect. Other than that, highly recommended :)