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Most gorgeous sling

We have been using Mumma Etc. single slings since birth and have loved them. Now that our girl is 7 months old, we feel more comfortable in the double slings to support her weight better. It also keeps her feeling that little bit more snug coming into the cooler months. The Pryia is by far my favourite with the most elegant and versatile design. I wore it with a charcoal dress to an event and everyone commented what a gorgeous sling it was and that it was such a unique design! I love my Mumma slings!

All we need...

We loved our single sling from birth, but once bub turned about 8 months old, it was time to upgrade to the double sling.
Still using it everyday at 15 months old.

The Mumma etc double sling has been our most essential baby item. Beautiful, supportive, convenient. Bub loves being close and high enough to take in the world around us on our daily outings.

Thank you Mumma etc for making the most beautiful baby product I own. I cannot rave enough and am so grateful to have experienced my most cherished moments with my bub while wearing our sling x


This sling was one of the few things we bought before our first baby arrived and we love it!
We love the versatility of switching it between my husband and I and even on the hottest days our little bubs stayed comfy.
Also is a great colour and we always get compliments on it 😊


My baby is now a month old and this sling has been used almost every day. It’s super comfy for both myself and baby (who falls asleep in it Alamos instantly). I’ve also fed baby in it and it’s super easy. The fabric is supportive yet really soft. Highly recommended

My go-to

Life on the farm often requires two hands. I love being able to pop my little bub in my beautiful sling and be free and mobile to visit and feed chooks, pigs and horses. He is so content and safe within the sling and I can get on with my jobs with both hands! Mumma etc 's service was also wonderful. Highly recommend!

Sling saved my sanity!!!

I just wanted to say a big thank you Lauren!

I received the sling today and it is beyond perfect!!!! So so so so much better and easier to use than the wrap style carrier.

You’ve saved this new mums sanity : )

Juniper Sling
Easy to use

I have a strap type carrier but it is so bulky that I always check frequently in on baby's breathing as it is hard to feel through the carrier. I also bought a wrap around carrier but this took several minutes to fit and baby never really settled well in it.

I then tried this ring sling once baby was big enough and while I had to watch the newborn video demo a few times and used a mirror to help get the fit right before putting baby in, it only took a minute and by the time I had tightened the sling and twisted the tail to support baby's head, she was asleep. It is so light that you can see baby's chest moving through the fabric, easily see her face and you end up with quite a bit of freedom with your arms compared to other types of carriers.

Just beautiful

This is one of the only new things I’ve purchased for my baby. I bought it personalised with her name before she was born and it hung on my bedroom door for months. It’s such a beautiful piece it would make me happy to see it hanging everyday.
My baby is now 7 months old and I wear her on the hip in the sling. It’s versatile and I get so many compliments because it is absolutely stunning. I still haven’t washed it because there aren’t any marks but I can imagine the fabric only gets better with wash.
The quality of the rings and the sling itself are high and I can’t fault a thing about the sling or the purchase.
Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful product!


I’ve just received mine and I absolutely love it. With a toddler as well as a 4 month old, it’s made my life so much easier! Thank you x

Hazen Sling
Life-changing for new mama

This is definitely in my top 3 must haves for a new mama! I love it so so much - ate breakfast in peace for the first time in 17 days!!! Holding her hands free is life-changing! And it's just so beautiful, the fabric is gorgeous and strong and makes my little Luna feel super safe and cosy while keeping me cool and comfy! Thank you Lauren, can't wait to try breastfeeding with it one day xx

Juniper Sling
Just awesome!

Dear Mumma Etc Team,

What a fabulous product! I’m a second time mum and so have the baby carrier as well as a fabric (albeit home-made) carrier. But my 5 week old just couldn’t get comfortable.

I was so excited to receive your parcel, within 5 mins after opening, bubs was in and settled almost immediately. I’ve now got both hands and arms back!!

Thank you so much!!!

So comfy for me. Feels wonderful and looks great (makes my pjs look good). Fast delivery too!

Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s perfect!

O and thanks for so many tips and videos. 👍🙏😘🤗

(Can you tell I’m just over the moon?!)

From a more-than-satisfied Sydney mum, Yiu.

Rosalie Sling
Love my new sling!

Hi Lauren,
Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my sling 💕 I’ve been on holidays on a boat for the past week and Willow, my 7 week old has lived in it. It’s so easy to use, light and doesn’t give me a sore back at all! She pretty much falls straight to sleep and wouldn’t even realise she’s been on and off the boat. I’ve even been breastfeeding her in it! I love that there’s extra fabric too, I use it to cover her from the sun, when I’m feeding or as a blanket! Really really impressed with your product.

Thanks, Brooke


I have been using the sling for about two weeks now. I absolutely love it! It is easy to use and adjust, I can even feed in it now. The linen is prefect for hot summer days. Thank you for a great product.

Perfect wrap or comforter blanket

I love this so much as does my baby girl she’s got her name sewed into it and makes it that more amazing! Especially to get the older sisters of it! Makes it only her own!!!! Light weight and great for my girl!! Love the colour and the embroidery makes it so perfect!!!! Thank u!

Hazen Sling
Amazing 😍🥰

Love this sling with a 2 year old and a 7 month old it’s so crazy to have free hands this sling is so light and perfect for Sydney’s weather! Easy to put on and get my baby girl in and out! We all love it ! My partner has used it and said he loves it too as it’s quiet long and goes over his manly body :) It comes with a light mesh draw string bag so can store it easily and sets up in seconds!! I take it everywhere in my pram in my bag if I’m not using it otherwise my girls koalaed into me just the way she likes it!! Thank you so much for this awesome product!!!!!! Highly recommend!

Hazen Sling
So great!

Loving this sling so much. My bub gets quite hot and sweaty easily and this fabric is so thin and breathable!! It's so handy for doing things around the house and also going for walks. I absolutely love it!

One of the best purchases I made for me and my baby!

My baby and I are absolutely in love with our Baylen sling. One of my best mothering purchases. Here is why:

1.) The color is such a pretty earthy Brown that I love to look at and I love the way it looks when I’m wearing it.

2.). This sling is so supportive! I was not sure what to expect given it is single layer but I was blown away by how supportive it is. No pain for me and it is very cozy AND breathable for my baby!

3.). This is my first Mumma sling and it is also the first ring sling that I was able to get a perfect deep seat on the very first try. Like as soon as it came in the mail and I put my baby in it the fabric seemed to just mold into the perfect seat for him. My Mumma sling is definitely going to be my most reached for and used sling.

4.). I LOVE the personalization option! I am using this sling with my son (my third) and planning on holding onto it to use with my grandchildren in the future. The personalization option lends itself perfectly to making the sling even more meaningful.

5.). The customer service is awesome. I emailed with several questions and they were so responsive and patient with me. When I look at what they share on social media I feel very motivated to be a minimalist momma & just love on my children. My Baylen sling is helping me to do that & look cute at the same time.

I definitely recommend Mumma slings and think they are so worth the investment especially because they help us moms invest in what’s really important!