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Baby Isla's Water Birth

Baby Isla's Water Birth

A first time mum is always advised to labour at home as much as possible before making their way to the hospital. Labour is usually a long drawn out process and the last thing we want to do is to slow it down with a change of scenery – arriving at the cold hospital hallways.

What if you were the exception to the rule and ended up accidentally having your baby at home? For Amy this is what happened when she gave birth to her first baby, Leo at home. Her midwife arrived at her house and it became apparent that it was too late to get to the hospital... baby boy was coming! Healthy baby Leo was born very quickly, at home on mumma’s bed.  

Almost four years later, Leo’s baby sister Isla has arrived. I caught up with Amy over a cuppa to hear the story of her beautiful water birth - a calm beautiful experience with little Leo by her side.

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Light weight and easy to use

Light weight and easy to use. Has made carrying my 6 weeks old daughter so much easier and much less crying. She falls asleep in the sling!

Ryder sling

Love my ring sling

I love my ring sling. I have baby worn all my three children but this is my first ring sling. The material is very luxurious and quickly became soft. The Fleetwood colour is beautiful, it goes with everything. I actually love it as an addition to my wardrobe! I feel great wearing it. I chose the black rings. I watched the tutorials and got the hang of threading and adjusting sling quickly. My baby is now 4 months I have been using since he was about 10 weeks. I use it several times a day around the house and on walks. He loves it and happily looks around in it now he’s older then usually falls to sleep and I find it very supportive while he is sleeping if I roll the train around like in the tutorials. He sleeps in it even with two noisy preschoolers in the house and I can get things done. LOVE!

My Favourite Carrier

I love baby wearing and this is my favourite carrier by far. It's always in my bag and so easy to throw on while on the go. It's also very comfy for me and bubs. She falls asleep instantly. Plus it looks great, I'm always getting comments. Wish I had one for my first baby!

Reuben sling

Love it!
Baby goes to sleep in the sling almost immediately, and I can still have 2 hands free for my demanding 4 & 5 yo boys!
I use this more then the pram now, it’s so much easier!