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Baby Isla's Water Birth

Baby Isla's Water Birth

A first time mum is always advised to labour at home as much as possible before making their way to the hospital. Labour is usually a long drawn out process and the last thing we want to do is to slow it down with a change of scenery – arriving at the cold hospital hallways.

What if you were the exception to the rule and ended up accidentally having your baby at home? For Amy this is what happened when she gave birth to her first baby, Leo at home. Her midwife arrived at her house and it became apparent that it was too late to get to the hospital... baby boy was coming! Healthy baby Leo was born very quickly, at home on mumma’s bed.  

Almost four years later, Leo’s baby sister Isla has arrived. I caught up with Amy over a cuppa to hear the story of her beautiful water birth - a calm beautiful experience with little Leo by her side.

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Most gorgeous sling

We have been using Mumma Etc. single slings since birth and have loved them. Now that our girl is 7 months old, we feel more comfortable in the double slings to support her weight better. It also keeps her feeling that little bit more snug coming into the cooler months. The Pryia is by far my favourite with the most elegant and versatile design. I wore it with a charcoal dress to an event and everyone commented what a gorgeous sling it was and that it was such a unique design! I love my Mumma slings!

All we need...

We loved our single sling from birth, but once bub turned about 8 months old, it was time to upgrade to the double sling.
Still using it everyday at 15 months old.

The Mumma etc double sling has been our most essential baby item. Beautiful, supportive, convenient. Bub loves being close and high enough to take in the world around us on our daily outings.

Thank you Mumma etc for making the most beautiful baby product I own. I cannot rave enough and am so grateful to have experienced my most cherished moments with my bub while wearing our sling x


This sling was one of the few things we bought before our first baby arrived and we love it!
We love the versatility of switching it between my husband and I and even on the hottest days our little bubs stayed comfy.
Also is a great colour and we always get compliments on it 😊


My baby is now a month old and this sling has been used almost every day. It’s super comfy for both myself and baby (who falls asleep in it Alamos instantly). I’ve also fed baby in it and it’s super easy. The fabric is supportive yet really soft. Highly recommended

My go-to

Life on the farm often requires two hands. I love being able to pop my little bub in my beautiful sling and be free and mobile to visit and feed chooks, pigs and horses. He is so content and safe within the sling and I can get on with my jobs with both hands! Mumma etc 's service was also wonderful. Highly recommend!