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Baby Isla's Water Birth

Baby Isla's Water Birth

A first time mum is always advised to labour at home as much as possible before making their way to the hospital. Labour is usually a long drawn out process and the last thing we want to do is to slow it down with a change of scenery – arriving at the cold hospital hallways.

What if you were the exception to the rule and ended up accidentally having your baby at home? For Amy this is what happened when she gave birth to her first baby, Leo at home. Her midwife arrived at her house and it became apparent that it was too late to get to the hospital... baby boy was coming! Healthy baby Leo was born very quickly, at home on mumma’s bed.  

Almost four years later, Leo’s baby sister Isla has arrived. I caught up with Amy over a cuppa to hear the story of her beautiful water birth - a calm beautiful experience with little Leo by her side.

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Wore my baby today!

I bought my Fleetwood sling early on in pregnancy with plenty of time to watch the clips on how to use.. now our Bub is just 2 weeks old those clips are a perfect refresher today,As now Bub has ticked over 3.6kg I wore him in the Fleetwood and felt confident , perfect for being in crowds and Bub was very comfy .

Stylish Mumma

Super convenient and stylish way to take Bub out for a walk. We've received so many compliments about how effortless and stylish the sling looks. Takes a bit of practise to get on securely but once in, Bub stays and falls asleep easily.


My daughters big smile when she sees me get the sling out and put it on is priceless! She knows she's about to be cuddled up against mumma and held for hours.

The cutest!

I gave these hats as a gift to my friend and her newborn bub, and they absolutely love them :-)

When you first have a baby, you often don't think to buy them a hat (well, I didn't at least, and nor did my friend) so I think this set is a perfect gift. The quality is great and the fabric is beautifully soft for a little ones' head.

Would definitely shop here again.

Life saver!

Wasn't sure about getting a body carrier of any type but decided to get a Mumma ETC sling to see how I would go.
OMG best thing I've done! Makes grocery shopping so easy and if you fly alot I will save your life with how convenient it is.
Best money I've spent for bub xx