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Meet Yasmin, Robert and Jaxon

Meet Yasmin, Robert and Jaxon

Meet Yasmin - warm, positive and always smiling. We had the pleasure of capturing a glimpse of her life during those first special weeks after becoming a Mumma. Yasmin and her husband Robert tell us, whilst bursting with happiness, how their lives have forever changed after the arrival of their first little boy, Jaxon.

“Jaxson has just brought so much love and joy into our lives. To see my husband fall in love with him from the moment he entered the world, and the love and support he shows me as a mum, makes my heart feel so full. Looking after and loving our little Jaxson, as well as making sure he is happy and healthy, is all that matters for our family now.” 



Yasmin loves using her Mumma etc. sling, not to mention the fact they both look so perfect when wearing it. “It gives me my hands back so I can get things done around the house. It also makes it so easy to get out and about with Jaxson. When going out to lunch with my girlfriends, we don't have to go to a pram friendly cafe or restaurant because little man is safe and comfortable in my sling. It feels like I'm pregnant again, with Jaxson attached to me. What I love the most about my sling is how much Jaxson loves it. He is so settled and happy in there.”

Yasmin is an international flight attendant for Virgin Australia. She loves her job – looking after Business Class passengers on their journey from Australia to Los Angeles – and plans to go back after a year of maternity leave.

“I have great family support from my parents and my husband’s parents so we are very lucky with babysitting.”

Of course there are perks to being a flight attendant such as cheap flights, so I asked Yasmin about plans to travel with baby Jaxon. 

“Showing our little man the world is our goal. Bali is a very special place to us. We plan on visiting Bali in June this year. My Mumma etc. sling will come in handy in a place like Bali. It will be so perfect for getting around the airport easily, checking-in, as well as using it to get around the streets. It’s not really a pram friendly place so having the sling will be amazing! I will feel so comfortable knowing he is safely attached to me.”