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Mumma's Capsule Wardrobe - Match Your Sling With Your Look

Mumma's Capsule Wardrobe - Match Your Sling With Your Look

Here at Mumma Etc. we are all about minimalist parenting and we’re on a journey to slow down and simplify motherhood.

So when we came across the concept of the ‘capsule wardrobe’ we saw it as the perfect way to bring together the concept of simple living, which we believe so strongly in, and our love of fashion. Oh and let’s not forget the added bonus of a capsule wardrobe removing the effort of getting ready in the morning whilst also reducing the amount of washing in the household!

Mumma's capsule wardrobe

Learn to be in the moment with our babies, enjoy the simple things about motherhood, reduce our environmental foot print and save precious time all whilst looking amazing? Sounds good to us! Let’s take a look at the ideas behind this concept…

A capsule wardrobe is an edited wardrobe consisting of approximately thirty-six pieces, including shoes and accessories. These pieces are reviewed every three months and can be exchanged or purchased as needed but only 36 pieces can be in use at any time. The wardrobe should aim to be cohesive so that a range of outfit combos can be created with the pieces you have chosen.

So once you’ve chosen your 36 pieces, what happens with the rest of your wardrobe? Well you have two options; you can get rid of it donating the other items to charity or selling them online  or you can store them in case you want to incorporate them into your capsule at a later date.

Our Mumma Etc. slings are available in neutral tones which serve as the perfect accessory to your new capsule wardrobe. We recommend adding one or two slings in there – your baby gear should never get in the way of a good outfit!

Mumma's capsule wardrobe Summer Ring SlingMumma's capsule wardrobeThings to consider when selecting your 36 items:

  • Choose items that fit you right now! As a mumma, your dress size may have varied over the past couple of years. We still have pre-pregnancy items that we’re hoping will one day fit again, and items that suited our pregnancy shape but look terrible now (secretly keeping these just in case we have another one!). Give away, sell or store anything that doesn’t fit you right now. You can always reach for the storage boxes if you see those two pink lines again.
  • Select items that make you look and feel good. We’ve all been there  impulse buys and sale items purchased simply because they were cheap. Having a limited number of items makes you evaluate each and every purchase and shop more mindfully. 
  • Choose pieces that fit your lifestyle right now. There’s not much point in holding on to twenty plus cocktail dresses when you’re only hitting the town once in a blue moon. Let’s face it, as mummas we have swapped the bars and fancy restaurants for parks and cafés. Our wardrobes are currently made up of 90% casual pieces that can be dressed up with a pair of heels if need be.
  • Choose quality over quantity. It is the perfect time to evaluate your past and future purchases for quality materials that will stand the test of time. When implementing a capsule wardrobe, you are only shopping every three months so you want to make sure you are selecting pieces that will still look good after a few washes. Look for natural fabrics such as wools, linens, cottons and silks. These tend to improve and soften with time rather than deteriorate. Our slings are made from 100% handwoven linen, making them age beautifully, becoming buttery soft with use. Instead of shopping for items with the perfect price tag (which will probably end up unworn and shoved in the bottom of your wardrobe anyway), shop for items with the perfect cut or spend some money on alterations to make them perfect.
  • Find your personal style. This is a process of editing and curating your personal look so have fun with it! As mummas we often forget about ourselves, take this as an opportunity to do something for you and make yourself feel good. This is a simple way to help you feel beautiful and stylish, even when you’re rushing out the door to do the kindy or school run!

Now the only thing left to do is start! As time-poor mummas it can be tricky to tackle the whole process in one go. So begin the job one drawer at a time and see where you end up. Removing clutter is very therapeutic and let’s face it, as mummas we all need a little therapy sometimes. Have fun!