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Macy Berkelaar
So happy with my purchase.

I had a different carrier last time around but never used it as I couldn’t clip up the back between my shoulder blades.

Now having a toddler I knew I needed something easy to use for my newborn. I’m so happy with my new daily carrier and it’s beautiful and stylish too.

Another bonus was the brilliant customer service I received, will be recommending to friends and family ❤️.

Kylanne Camiscioni
Run, don’t walk! A must have!

I love this carrier!! I was gifted wraps and a few carriers and my baby either didn’t like them or they were too hard to put on myself. I researched for months to find the PERFECT carrier and this is it! I can easily put it on myself, my little guy loves it, and it’s comfortable! I live in the US and received this in 5 days!! HUGE bonus! I’ve been telling everyone about this company.

Sommer Schaible
Love it!

Love the neutral design and linen fabric. so easy to put on. we use it multiple times a day

Livy Jones
Easy to use and easy to wear

I love this carrier. I only got mine delivered today and Bub has already spent most of the day in it.

I ordered it after such fantastic experiences with the wrap carrier and sling carrier and I am so happy with it. I have fibromyalgia and this carrier is very easy to wear and ridiculously comfortable!

C Price
The most PERFECT carrier

I am SO pleased with the daily clip carrier. The material is so soft, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear and really easy to put on. This carrier is for my 2nd baby, with both babies I always found myself with a sore back or shoulders after baby wearing, but with this carrier I am able to carry my daughter for long periods of time with no aches or pains. I highly recommend!