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1st time mom

As a first time mom, this wrap carrier has been wonderful. I like that it’s structured enough to feel secure but very adjustable. Bub is really comfortable when he is in it, almost always falls asleep

Do it.

I sat on the fence about this carrier for a few months and I wish I hadn’t. It is an amazing product. Comfortable, supportive and baby falls asleep every time. I was looking for a hybrid between a fabric carrier and my large structured one with carabiners everywhere - the wrap carrier is perfect.

Wrap Carrier - Bondi

I bought this carrier with my second child, as she loves to be held but my wrists were giving out. I’ve tried 3 other major baby carrier brands but she hated them all. This one did the magic! She is softly snug in it, and I think the extra straps that cross in the front really helps with the feeling of being “carried”. At the same time, the straps are long and I found it just a bit challenging to put away in public. Nonetheless, super comfy and super stylish for my little one. (I received mine with a pen mark on the inner lining, perfect otherwise!)

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Arina Bukovsky
Beautiful quality and colour!

I can’t thank enough the designers of this amazing baby carrier ! I’ve received mine yesterday in colour Bondi and I’m in love with it . I’m size 12 at the moment and I bought size 4-14.
My Baby is 7 weeks old now ,when I’ve put him in the carrier he fell asleep in 2 minutes ! It felt very comfortable, snug and secure to wear it and carry baby in it
. Great for back! I’m so happy :)
I’ve had sling and other carrier in past with my first 2 kids but they were not near as comfortable as this one and they hurt my back. LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

Wrap Carrier - Bondi

Great upgrade from a soft wrap

I couldn’t be more pleased with this carrier. I purchased this to replace my go-to soft wrap, which was nice for the early, cozy newborn days at home but I was looking for something a bit more structured and simpler to put on now that we’re getting out of the house more. This wrap delivers that and more.

The linen is gorgeous and breathable. The structured main panel makes it far easier to get the baby in while on the go versus the soft wrap where I found myself reliant on doing it in front of a mirror each time to get the right fit. The carrier is also easy to adjust once on without having to take the baby out entirely. The supportive neck panel allows my 4 month old to look around (which he loves) as well as nap safely in it.

Baby’s legs sit in a good, wide froggy position. My son is all smiles when I put him in it.

My husband also likes using it. I purchased the color Fleetwood and because the wrap doesn’t tie with large bows, the look is completely general neutral.

Of minor note, I removed the label from the center of the front panel with a seam ripper. I prefer a cleaner, unbranded look. Overall, it’s a very chic looking carrier.

Best Investment

This carrier I purchased when my little girl was 6 weeks old and she is now 3months! Prior I used a fabric wrap one which she hated as it was super tight and she couldn’t look out and her neck be supported at the same time! The mumma wrap I had read about and my
gosh I am glad I bought one! Wish I had it from day one! It’s so comfy to wear, supportive for bub and she loves her daily naps in it! Not to
mention super stylish … I love it will grow with her and it’s something I will use as she gets older! She loves looking out and can still see the world while having her neck supported! The best purchase I have made! Love, love, love! ❤️

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Victoria Jaffe
Above and Beyond

I ordered an item for my friend in the US and it was sent back to Mumma due to not having the apartment number on the address. Mumma not only re-sent the item, but they included an extra gift to as an apology (even though I am certain it was my fault). Very responsive and extra helpful. My friend and her new daughter love her carrier!

Sling - Bondi
The best baby carrier!

I bought this sling as it has many different ways to carry my baby. She is the last (of three) child and to be able to carry on with my usual daily tasks has been a godsend! She is a koala baby and absolute loves being close to Mum or Dad. We all love it!

Wrap Carrier - Burleigh
Alexandra Downer

Very easy to put on and baby is comfortable and snug as a bug.

Sling - Willow

I have both the wrap carrier and sling and they're probably my favorite parenting items. Sling is perfect around the house, I can play and spend time with my toddler and get chores done while keeping my marsupial baby happy and the carrier is perfect for walks and going out. SO soft and comfy to wear and both are so easy to put on. Love em. Epic products. 1 million stars. 1000 points to griffindor

Super easy

Love this wrap carrier. While I love my other more structured carrier for going on walks, this carrier is great for going shopping and contact naps. It is super easy to use unlike some. Definitely recommend this carrier.

Wrap Carrier - Russet
Sarah Robinson
Wrap Carrier

I use my wrap carrier with my 3 month quiet alot, once I got used to putting it on I now do it in seconds and bub loves I had a hard style carrier and bub hated it but loves his mummy etc

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Lauren Hirsch

I bought this as a baby shower gift and I will certainly be buying on for myself in the future! Great quality and exactly as expected! Also, the customer service is incredible. My package got lost in the mail and the customer service was quick to resolve the issue! I am so happy with the product and love this site!

Beautiful carrier

It’s a beautiful carrier that’s so easy to use, my son loves being in there. As a Mum of 3 baby wearing is super important for me and I’ve tried lots of carrier but this one is by far the best looking & most comfortable 🥰

Wrap Carrier - Russet
Sandra Hansen
Simply amazing!

... both the carrier and the free demo by Lauren. Thank you! You have made my life as a new mumma a little easier ☺️

Sling - Willow

Loved my sling for our first baby during summer, so easy to pop out to cafes or jump in and out of the car as once you’ve put it on a few times it is super quick, easy and comfortable. Now we have our second baby, winter baby, and I am loving it again. Bought a second sling and one as a baby shower gift.

Sling - Russet
Wrenna Davies
Excellent sling

Mum of 7! I’ve had every sling and baby carrier you can imagine in my 16 years of raising babies. This Mumma Etc sling is our hands down favourite. It’s comfortable and so convenient to use. Bubba can see the world or she tucks her head in like a possum and goes to sleep. We love this sling!

Sling - Bondi
Jessie Davis
Love it!

This wrap is so easy to use and store. Perfect for our newborn to keep his little legs tucked in.

Double Sling - Bondi
Marie Murphy
Fantastic Product

Love my sling and very convenient for quick in and out. Once you’ve used it a few times and get some practice, it is very simple and becomes like second nature. Thanks so much!

Double Sling - Bondi
Marie Murphy
Excellent Product

Loves this sling and very convenient for quick in and out. Once you’ve used a few times becomes very easy.

Wrap Carrier - Russet
Izzati Fadzil
Love it! Comfy and supportive.

It’s so comfy and easy to use. I mean it takes a little bit of practice to get your head around it but once you get it, it is pretty good. It’s supportive without being bulky and looks pretty too. We got ergobaby and stretchy wrap(can’t really use this)but this is my favourite, Wished I couldve use this earlier but the C-section scar wont allow it (got the ring sling first and it was amazing for the early days) And being in between 14-16 size (pre pregnancy size 12) the smaller size carrier just fit nicely without having long straps remanining which is perfect. Definitely worth it.

Wrap Carrier - Bondi
Merinda Lester

I am in love with this carrier! Very comfy and surprisingly easy to put on. Makes my 3 month old nice and cozy, he literally falls asleep within seconds of wearing it.

Only down fall is the straps are quite long so they sit on the ground while wrapping baby.

Sling - Russet

The more we use the sling carrier the more I love it! It’s super easy to use and I’ve found it can comfortably be left on while sitting around and (without baby in) while driving, which makes it easy to drop the little one in when we arrive at a destination.
I much prefer this sling to the popular jersey wrap carriers which are so stretchy I feel like I still need to hold baby to stop her bouncing around too much and keep her safe, the rigid linen holds her close and keeps her snug and I can be (mostly) hands free!
I adore the russet colour too!

Life saver!

I love my carrier! The functionality and quality is above the rest on the market. Easy to put on unlike other wrap type carriers and very sturdy. My newborn is safe and falls asleep so quickly when I’m using it to comfort him. Love it and recommend!