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Loved my sling for our first baby during summer, so easy to pop out to cafes or jump in and out of the car as once you’ve put it on a few times it is super quick, easy and comfortable. Now we have our second baby, winter baby, and I am loving it again. Bought a second sling and one as a baby shower gift.

Wrenna Davies
Excellent sling

Mum of 7! I’ve had every sling and baby carrier you can imagine in my 16 years of raising babies. This Mumma Etc sling is our hands down favourite. It’s comfortable and so convenient to use. Bubba can see the world or she tucks her head in like a possum and goes to sleep. We love this sling!

Jessie Davis
Love it!

This wrap is so easy to use and store. Perfect for our newborn to keep his little legs tucked in.


The more we use the sling carrier the more I love it! It’s super easy to use and I’ve found it can comfortably be left on while sitting around and (without baby in) while driving, which makes it easy to drop the little one in when we arrive at a destination.
I much prefer this sling to the popular jersey wrap carriers which are so stretchy I feel like I still need to hold baby to stop her bouncing around too much and keep her safe, the rigid linen holds her close and keeps her snug and I can be (mostly) hands free!
I adore the russet colour too!

Perfect and easy sling

Sling is light weight, easy to fit and comfy for small bubs. I like that it is breathable and good for summer months too